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Everyone has an addiction. A very own poison which slowly confuses, satisfies and then destroys the mind... It may be caffeine, tobacco, LSD, love (which is a terrible thing to be hooked on, I saw frinds of mine nearly killing themselves over this one, it simply ate their soul... But be aware, do not confuse it with lust), but one thing which terrifies me is the growing ammount of people who are fond of the darkness in their hearts, feeding its hunger with fear and death, just to become one part of the machinery of fear.
Most of them are not even aware of it, they get a kick by seeing tortured bodies, by feeling stronger because of things they never accomplished, not strong enough to escape nor to see they are powerless, and their fragile bodies fuse together to one chunk of bizarre, non-credible cretins...
This arrogance, this strength in numbers weakening them... It is the worst addiction of them all, leading to more and more of them zombies...
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 3 5
one little thing called life
E They lied.
They lied.
Go fuck yourself...
Drugs, drugs is all they Do These days
Calling me weak for having a Life
And Not hanging around
And Not taking shots, smoking pot, wasting blood and money
They are the people they never wanted to become
And i cannot help
For i Don't Know them anymore
I cannot kill them
They are killing themselves
They are killing my nerves
They are making their mothers cry in pain for they have lost their children due to a cheap drug, they are selling their brains for q cheap thrill
May god Bless the stupid and the bored
For i have no mercy on them anymore
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 3 5
The human form
Many long nights thoughts have entered my mind.
The human race has become more than just a race...
It has become an oppression.
Men fighting men. Women killing women.
And that is not even violent yet.
Powerful weapons for everyone,
so that strong arms or minds do not even matter anymore
And every day, new children are born...
Asphalt is their new father
And screens are their new mothers
Even though it should be seen as a crime...
To throw an innocent being into this devil's pit.
Why should not death be an option?
To end a life before it can be tainted or worse?
To prevent a pure soul from becoming a part of this society?
It may be too late to save myself from this twisted hellhole...
But the insanity I have learned from the people keeps me alive...
Makes me stay alive...
For I have realized
That most people live like Zombies
Looking away and seeing neither good nor bad in their mortal existence
And instead visualizing another kind of reality.
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 3 9
I don't want to be the glass in thy hand
But still you drop me, see if I land
on the ground, or I break
Just by your will
Is it a joy or just a sick thrill?
And you still watch me falling, pretending you're attatched
And I fall to the ground, waiting to be catched...
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 4 2
Letter to nobody
All of these days...
All of these days I have tried to talk to her...
Now my times are over, life has teared us apart...
All which is left for me is my words...
No experience, no happiness, but also no pain
For most of my feelings I have betrayed already
I really hate this life
Deep in the nights I try to clear my mind
From the picture I have made
The picture how I saw her
Maybe if I lose my sight
I will not be blind to fall for anyone
I will not make the same mistakes again and again anymore
I run.
But I run in circles. Spirals.
I run away from a problem
To repeat my actions
To repeat my mistakes I had made
To repeat promising this would never happen again
To repeat my mistakes
Over and over again
But if I think about it...
As long as my heart breaks
Even though I may never cry
It proves me I still have a soul
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 8 2
Humans everywhere
Watching each others step
Here and there
It's like a trap
A trap you can not escape
They are trapped, too, but they don't see
That trapped they always will be
Escape their God
Escape their good
As in their graves they rot
And still think they are free
Taking cattle for food
As soon as they see
What they eat
They want it to be freed
Not understanding
How hypocritical and stupid they act
They are not abstract
They're dumb
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 4 5
Truth about God
Follow, follow, follow
Your mind seems to be hollow
Do not think or act
It could harm, affect
Your piece
Which lies in pieces
Under your feet
You are an empty sheet
Your mind following the path of every man
And still you think you can
Change your path? Feel my wrath! I am thee in who you believe
And i tell you: you will never recieve
My undying love
I am economy
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 2 0
We are Apocalypse
A bright fire in the sky
Women get raped, some people die
They call it sun, they call life bright
Whilst i am waiting for the night
Kids battle each other with guns and knifes
Just after their start they end their lives
Fascists again gain political power
Whoever voted for them is and idiot or coward
Robots are roaming the street
Working for energy and heat
Whilst being blind, until their graves
They will be just some zombie slaves
I watch it happening every night
I would not say that future's bright
In this world of misery
There is no real nice place to be
Children going insane fast
Drugs, every breath may be their last
Armies fighting global wide
No one cares nor asks them why
This is hell? No! It's here and now
The world, a madhouse, just like every day
People don't realize, might lift a brow
And believe not a word i say
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 5 7
The Weed
Denied the spore which lay on the ground
The master did ignore it
But when human wandered, found
It might give them a clear hit
On their minds no longer
Clear pictures in their brains
But on the other hand
All their pains
Ignored, denied and
Soon they felt much stronger
Soon the weakest human was
Chosen to lead their land
But it was no friend, indeed,
A slow and stupid king he was
Soon he went and then he banned
The weed which gave them strength
Not the first, the tenth
In their row, he went and promised "I let it grow"
The weed, the weed, from the seed
It made forget me about
The things, the things, time repeats again, again
About the things I don't speak aloud
The things in life which always doubt
THat's when I fled from beaten route
No experience I cannot gain
The weed, the weedling, the evil deedling
Human take it, use it
Taint it, abuse it, makes a saint turn to shit
The spice supposed to stop my bleeding
Myself with poison I've been feeding
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 2 0
This is the future
We see it, we know
It will to us show
Never what will happen
This is the day
Where you will not rest
Because God detests
The way laziness makes you stop
Stitch your wounds painful with suture
Into life's traps you will tap in
Throw all of your days just away
You are the bad seed, on your land nothing will crop
And you throw away thoughts
And you get some new ones
Not only one, I mean lots
Remember, remember that day you could have done better? It is too late to change, too late I say
You have wasted that one day
And not only one, many of them
Your mind
Becomes mayhem
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 2 0
What the...?!? by IAmJustASecret What the...?!? :iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 0 2 13131 by IAmJustASecret 13131 :iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 0 1 up we go, down we fall by IAmJustASecret up we go, down we fall :iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 2 3
Tribute to Shakerspeare
Roses are red
So far that's true
But violets are fkking VIOLET
That's why they're called violets
VIOLET, goddamit
Roses are red
Violets may be blue
I cannot rhyme
Nice tits
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 3 2
Lovers and Liars
The strong are made
The soft want to be
Like the ones
Like those they see
Still their purpose
They do fulfill
Being calm and good
Their life in God's will
Have they commited sin?
Neither of them did
It's just their life which been
Full of twists and changes
Each glass house
Each wimpy gesture shown
Each evil roar
Is good as they have done
The lover and the liar
Doomed for all days
Forced to be what they are now
They cannot change their ways
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 2 2
Day for day reality
Is whee you do not want to be
Escape, escape from modern days
Lose your life in modern ways
:iconiamjustasecret:IAmJustASecret 2 0


Release by JHALLpokemon Release :iconjhallpokemon:JHALLpokemon 1,323 156 Mystery Twins wip by animatedCatastrophe Mystery Twins wip :iconanimatedcatastrophe:animatedCatastrophe 2 0 Effects of Obamacare by Gyno-Star Effects of Obamacare :icongyno-star:Gyno-Star 43 41 AXM (?) by DANYANTTO AXM (?) :icondanyantto:DANYANTTO 259 39
Count your money!
Every day!
Count your money!
You must pay!
Count your money,
It's enough?
How much
You need to laugh?
Dreams of money,
You are rich,
You are sleeping
On the beach
No more work
And no more stress,
What a life,
Can you guess?
You'll get a better job
You'll do it! You will rob!!
Thoughts of money,
Thoughts of life,
Thoughts of honey
And a knife!!!
Blood for money!
Every day!
Blood for money!
You must pay!
Armies fight,
Every day!
People die!
They must pay!
Strike for money!
Watch the ball!!!
Wars for money!
Kill'em all!!!
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 111 70
Feminists Hate Men by Gyno-Star Feminists Hate Men :icongyno-star:Gyno-Star 203 129
Fertig. Fix und fertig. Mein Scorpion-Kostüm für die Connichi ist fertig und dafür, dass ich mies im Handarbeiten bin und es selbst gemacht habe, sieht es klasse aus. Ich lehne mich mal weit aus dem Fenster und behaupte, dass ich einer von ganz wenigen MK-Cosplayern sein werde. Damit dürfte ich auch leicht zu finden sein. Ich bin der Kerl in schwarz-gelb.^^
Ich hoffe dann doch mal, dass ich einige von euch in drei Wochen in Kassel treffe.:)
I'm done. Done and out. My Scorpion costume for the Connichi is done and considering that I'm very bad at sewing, it turned out really good. I think it's not too much to claim, that I'll be one of just very few MK-Cosplayer there. Which means I should be easy to spot. I'm the guy in black and yellow.
I sure hope to meet some of you in three weeks in Kassel. :)
:iconasaziel:asaziel 1 6
It's always nice when at 5:30 am
the cops and an ambulance bust through your hood
in a tuesday night no less
to bring into custody some intoxicated bitch that keeps screaming IM THIRSTYYY I WANT SUM WATER while thrashing about and nearly assaulting ambulance staff
i really had no idea what was going on but it made for a pretty interesting half an hour, hanging around outside, watching cops and atm staff wrassle some crazy chick into submission
ah, what a charming neighborhood
:iconlusoskav:LusoSkav 2 12
The Cocoon
I've always dreamed
Of being a dad
Not because I want a legacy,
Or a carbon copy of me
The same reason good parents want children
To give them better than I had
Not to say my parents weren't good
Because I think they did a fantastic job
It was just the little things
Those inevitable truths
Those lies we tell ourselves
To make the pain
     In our parents eyes sooth
Like, "I don't like boys"
"Football's not that bad I guess"
"It doesn't matter if they understand"
"This is the way I like to dress"
I remember when I was fourteen
In told my Dad
I didn't want to play football anymore
His face turned red and he screamed
Rage directed right at me,
And as he ranted and swore
It was the disappointment in his voice
That haunted me most.
I had made my choice,
         And he choked
That's the tragic thing
About being put in a box
Along with so many fictional perfections
The scalpel gleams
As they begin their dissection  
Of all your flaws
Cutting Jesus in your heart
And smiles in your jaws
Each f
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 5 2
I didn't have a preview image by animatedCatastrophe I didn't have a preview image :iconanimatedcatastrophe:animatedCatastrophe 4 6
Love Note
did i forget to write you a love note?
i could have sworn that i had
or perhaps it was just in my imagination
maybe it was only a dream that i had
that i would finally take
whats in my heart and my head
bottled up words of emotional ink
that i've never put to paper
and set them out before you
make them mean something
make them worthy of your eyes
did i forget to write you a love note?
i don't think that i did
i think that i did write you one
but i never sent it
it's still sitting in a little box beneath my bed
hiding amongst hand-deep sheaves of other papers
all love notes i've written
not all to you
some to myself
some to God
some to people i barely knew
but somewhere along the way
all the ink has faded away
did i forget to write you a love note?
i'm made curious by the fact that you ask that
does it mean that you really care
if i wrote you one or not?
do you want one?
does it matter to you what i think?
is there a longing somewhere deep inside you
for me to tell you that i do
:iconarachelle905:arachelle905 6 0
ALICE COOPER( Love the dead revisited) by JALpix ALICE COOPER( Love the dead revisited) :iconjalpix:JALpix 79 40 Madonna 3 (Acrylic version) by JALpix Madonna 3 (Acrylic version) :iconjalpix:JALpix 40 11 chibies for thy desk III by DANYANTTO chibies for thy desk III :icondanyantto:DANYANTTO 58 187 Holding hands by BusyLucyLucia Holding hands :iconbusylucylucia:BusyLucyLucia 8 13 Problems by BusyLucyLucia Problems :iconbusylucylucia:BusyLucyLucia 5 17



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School: Unknown
Hobbies: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Character: Neutral/Good


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